Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Stop Press - Brand New Exercise Regime!!!

I have finally figured out an exercise regime for crafters - well, perhaps not lol This afternoon I was chatting on the phone to a friend of mine and I thought I'd ink up my new Whiff of Joy Spring Kit stamps. Managed to get my sheet of Kling-on from Silly Monkey Crafts, so had them all ready to boogie before lunchtime. So, I decided I would be as well stamp a few images of each stamp while I was at it - so I could utilise my new wee stamped image filing system. I stamped 5 each of the 6 main stamps from the kit, 5 of the wee chick, butterfly and basket stamps, 10 of the wee tree stumps. And because I was still yapping on the phone I went and got more of my Elisabeth Bell stamps from Sugar Nellie and Whiff of Joy and stamped 5 each of Claudia the Artist, Rope Swing, Flowers, Pickin' Apples, Willow with Hot Chocolate, Willow with Umbrella; then 5 each of Hamish in Wooly Jumper and Hamish in Kilt and last but by no means least my brand spanking new Party Dragon from LeLo Design which also arrived from Silly Monkey Crafts.

So if my maths is correct that should be exactly 100. And I was knackered! Its surprisingly hard work inking up 100 times and stamping you know!!

Well, I'm going for an early night tonight as I'm on 2's Group duty with Faith at 9.30am and I'll have to take Willow with me too - argh, a room full of kamikaze 2 year olds THAT early in the day, should be fun :{


Tina said...

hehehehe you did make me smile, even though i'm feeling really yucky today..hehehehe.. Thank you so much for joinin my candy giveaway.. Good Luck Crafty Hugs Tina

Manda said...

Wow you will be in promarker heaven now lol
Have fun with all those 2 year olds! lol

Mar G said...

Excellent multi-tasking skills Deb ;-) Were you holding in your tummy muscles as you were stamping? (Lol)
Hope you survive 2's group duty....Rather you than me!
Catch up later - Mar x

Beckie Dreyer said...

Hee Hee you are funny!
Hope you had a fun morning!

dawnmarieg said...

Lol Deb, I had this image in my mind of you doing your stamping excercises, def need to try them. You were really multi multi tasking then eh. Good luck with the 2's group.x

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